Sunday, February 6, 2011

Communion "Bread," Genesis 43, 44-45, Exodus 12

I'm aware of at least 3 different One Book/One Body churches who shared Holy Communion together during the past 3 weeks. First CRC of Byron Center, Pathway and River of God. All 3 of the pastors shared how the scheduled One Book/One Body texts excellently suited their scheduled communion services.
On January 23, Pastor Tom at First CRC used Genesis 43 from that week's reading as the text for his communion message. He noted to the pastors participating in the Sermon Collaboration Group how the chapter begins with the topic of famine and ends with the topic of feasting. He drew the connection between our starving for God because of our sin and then being restored to feasting with God because of the provision of Christ who's prepared himself as our spiritual food.
On January 30, Pastor Steve at Pathway used the story from Genesis 44-45 from that week's reading as the text for his communion message. He noted how God restored relationships between Joseph and his father and family and how, in Christ, communion can be restored in our relationships both to the Father and to each other.
Today, was to be "Super Blessing Sunday" at River of God Church. Pastor Randy said his church looks forward to this significant event where their church leaders meet with individual households to pray blessings over them for the coming year and then share the sacrament with them. Their text for today was Exodus 12 and the Passover which points to the sacrifice of Jesus, The Lamb, whose broken body and shed blood covers over our sin and blesses us to walk before him in his righteousness.
Continue to feed us your Word Lord. May we commune with you and with each other in ways that glorify you and your church so that our world may see that you have this great Salvation relationship available in Christ Jesus. Delicious.

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