Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Geographical Focus: Byron Center (ref. Genesis 50)

The Byron Area Pastors who pray for our community on Tuesday mornings today focused on the Patriarchs' belief in God's promise and their desire to be buried in Canaan/The Promised Land. Even though, as in the case of Jacob & Joseph, God had provided their families with the very best land that Egypt had to offer. They, however, were still looking ahead. Pastor Randy pointed out that, of all the great acts of faith that could've been highlighted about Joseph in Hebrews 11, the thing that is highlighted was his desire to be buried in Canaan when the Israelites would eventually leave Egypt and return there.
As a group of pastors, while our work is to lead people to God's Promised Land, we feel called to do that work here, to focus our effort & prayer attention on this land, the area of Byron Center. This is where God has currently appointed us to serve. May God bring revival to us, this land, our churches, our neighbors and our community.

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