Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hiding...Gen. 3-4

Yesterday I "hid out" at the High School. "What?" my kid later said in disbelief. Yup. Camped out in a spare office with my mobile tools and my One Book/One Body sign. I'd indicated my interest in "going mobile" and Principal Joseph and the office staff accommodated me with their hospitality. Thanks. Working, praying and saying "hi" to old friends and new.

You see, I'm sick of hiding. My office is windowless and people-less so I'm looking for additional office venues during the One Book/One Body campaign. Let me know if your Byron Area Establishment has an extra desk and a chair. I'd love to come by for a mobile office day! We'll read the day's passage together and I'll pray for you at break time.

Yesterday in our reading I read about Cain who tried to hide his brother's murder from God (4:9). Yeah. Right. But notice how he became really concerned with the prospect of actually being hidden from God's presence (4:13-14) and being "found" by others who'd do him harm.

Ever since Adam & Eve's naked sin (3:9-10), our sinful nature compels us to hide our sinfulness from God and each other. Instinctively we now know we're dirty and we're ashamed. So we cower in the bushes. Yet what does God do? He calls us out! He, through sacrificial blood, gives us new garments to cover over our nakedness and calls us to stand in his presence. It's a humbling thing. But, if we're honest, we, like Cain, are deathly afraid of remaining hidden.

I want to be found. Before "going mobile" at the school, I had a brief breakfast stint at Family Restaurant with my mobile tools and One Book/One Body sign. Gordie Nickels found me there and, as we chatted, we found out that--back in the day--I taught his 5th grade class while I was a student art teacher at Challenger Elementary School in Kentwood. Hmm. I get the idea that there may be some pretty amazing things that lie hidden in us only because we never bother to find.

As I sat in the restaurant looking over at the Hills Bros. (you know, the coffee guys) I wondered at how many of them I may have known--or crossed paths with--in some other context and not even realized it. As John Poll says, so often we're "just scratchin' on the surface." I little scratchin' and it's amazing what we can "find" out about each other. Nothing like God's Word to help us go deeper.

I pray that as we do the One Book/One Body campaign together this year that you don't remain hidden. Come on out and play in the Word with the rest of us! Be found! Oh, it may be embarrassing at times, and we need to be careful not to harm each other, but God's got you covered! Post a verse on the Facebook page that is somehow significant to you. Let's get past the surface and get inspired and excited about what God's got going on with us.

Lord, today we read of a flood designed to cover the sinful planet. It points us to the Blood that covers over our sinful souls. And as the flood washed clean the earth for a New Day, may your Word "find" us and wash us clean for This New Day. Amen.

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